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  • At your service

    Everyone wants Added Value these days.   Jobs we’ve done illustrate how to “add value” to your image.


    An entrepreneur wanted to open a lingerie shop in Ludlow, Shropshire, but were without strong opinions on their branding.  After a site visit to see the High Street context in which the premises stand, we came up with some ideas. 

    The concept had to reflect the shop’s clientele and market, so quality and sophistication were crucial.  ’Squiggly lettering’ was suggested, and I thought of the Art-Nouveau style, when craftsmanship and luxury fabrics were in demand.  Once I’d shown the customer examples of this we knew we were on the right lines, and I used the curly, elegant typestyle in a beautiful reflective silver, married with purple, the colour of luxury.

    The result is a shop-front with stylish, sophisticated signage to advertise  and promote the business’s values. 


    Just like buses, it’s funny how similar projects come along at the same time!  This time the location was Bromyard and the business was a beauty salon.  The principles were similar – how best to communicate a sophisticated image on the exterior of the premises? 

    I was feeling very creative and inspiration came for a corporate logo, based on elegance.  I’m rather proud as it works on several levels.  Can you see the intricate letter B’s denoting “Beauty on Broad Street”?  The customer was so pleased she used it across the business, and I liaised with a printing firm for their branded stationery.


    My final comments this month are about a quirky project with yet more creative input.  A mobile chip van needed some graphics and its name alone was the inspiration.  Obviously there was careful research for any copyright issues, but the “Starchip Enterprise” was born.  A library image was modified as fish ‘n’ chips don’t seem to be eaten in outer space!  Here’s a snapshot of the van taken from our design software:

    OK, it’s not the most original concept but it puts a smile on my face every time I think about the project.  I hope it has the same effect on everyone else who sees it driving around!


    So there you have it, three image solutions provided for businesses who have a message to convey through their ‘look’.  Each solution was carefully tailored to match the company’s profile and marketplace position. 

    Sign-Rite worked closely with the owners and they were happy to trust us and ‘boldly go’ with our designs.  This is the standard to which we aspire – providing value-added-designs so our customers can achieve the best results for their shops, vehicles, events, sites, etc…

    At your service,

    John Spilsbury

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